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What is Pixel Lemonade?

Pixel Lemonade has one mission, to deliver good quality news and deliver it fast to a new generation of tech savvy digital news readers. Pixel Lemonade is a citizen journalist news blog covering a wide range of topics from Business, Politics, the Military as well Entertainments, Music and Gaming. We utilise a variety of sources including the Associated Press, freelance writers and our own sources. At Pixel Lemonade, we keep our ears to ground for the latest breaking news and actively use social media to disseminate that information as quickly as possible. Hit us up on Twitter if you want to stay in the loop with world events. If you would like to become a contributor to Pixel Lemonade and become a writer email to submit your story proposal.

How to contact us

Pixel Lemonade is based in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia). Please note we do not take unsolicited phone calls about stories or advertising. As such, please direct all correspondence via email to

For all office or general enquires please call our main switchboard on: (07) 5660 6534

If you are located outside of Australia our country code is +61

International Number: +617 5660 6534